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About ChainVote®

ChainVote® will enable Registered Voters (users) to vote electronically in local elections with their smartphone or any other internet enabled device, securely and privately.

ChainVote® is an open source Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) voting system. The most efficient, cost-effective and secure deployment will be on, for example, IBM Bluemix with High Security Business Network (HSBN) containerization technology.

Requirements of Electronic Voting service:

  • Voting must be scalable, resilient and secure.
  • Voters must be uniquely identifiable.
  • Votes, once cast, must be fixed and immutable.
  • It must be possible to verify the vote and the vote count without compromising the privacy of the vote itself.
  • Audit of the data must prove that any individual voted once and once only, without exposing the vote itself.