HappyVote 2017-12-06T13:15:54+00:00


HappyVote with Mobile Connect pilot project is an ePolling product by ChainVote DLT which will focus on secure and private end-to-end (E2E) verifiable polling on DLT/blockchain with the expectation for improved access and greater participation by voters.

Is it possible for partners and customers to audit the Smart Contract code? 2017-11-10T11:07:42+00:00

Yes. The code is written in Solidity which is the language of the Ethereum blockchain stack.

How does HappyVote count votes? 2017-12-06T11:42:19+00:00

The votes are counted in the Smart Contract. The Smart Contract changes state as a running total. The value is cached in the database and written onto the Chain Vote DLT Blockchain.

Is additional technical information available for partners? 2017-12-06T11:45:21+00:00

Yes, additional technical information is available for partners on request.